7 Different Transitions to Choose From…

  • Instant – Fade – Stretch – Slide Left – Slide Right – Slide Up – Slide Down
  • Adjustable Display Time & Transition Speed Settings
  • Add Your Own Custom Buttons – Adjustable In Two Sizes with the Simple Click of a Button – Small and Large
  • Set Different Layouts for Each Individual Slide In Your Slideshows or Use the Globalize Tool for Uniformity
  • Preview Your Work Before Uploading Your Slideshows to Your Websites – Helps to Avoid Time Wasted
  • Set to Display Number Buttons and Control Buttons, or Only Set to Display the Control Buttons – See On Page Samples
  • Display Panel 1 and Panel 2, or Only Display Panel 1
  • Add a Shaded Transparency Layer to Panel 2 for Easier Text Visibility
  • Adjustable Border Thickness and Border Colors
  • Full Help Manual that Includes 5 Follow Along Video Tutorials
  • Full Support Ticket System and Community Message Board
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