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Slideshow is a notable and emotional gift that will never collect dust on shelves, does not take up much space and cause many positive emotions.

Due to the variety of special software products to create photo movies with music, you can make a perfectly decent slideshow. Most programs are easy to learn. There are even good free resources. For those ones, who do not want to install this kind of software on their computers or tablets, special online services are developed. They are fast and convenient, and most importantly, give a quality result! One of the best from online services to create slideshow is the resource Slideshow-online. From my point of view, it is the best slideshow maker. From this article you will learn, why I think so.

Slideshow maker free

One of the handy and simple programs that allow you to get a good result at the output is Slideshow Creator. It is a slideshow maker free. You can get it absolutely free, which is very nice.

This software supports all current formats, so you can use any of the digitized photographs and pictures:

  • BMP;
  • JPEG;
  • TIFF;
  • GIF;

Advantages of  Slideshow Creator:

  • the ability to specify the duration of transitions between shots of a slideshow;
  • the ability to customize photos` transition effects for each slide;
  • the ability to get a video in one of the most popular formats: AVI, WMV, MKV;
  • the possibility to create a score;
  • the ability to make audio comments;
  • the ability to create movie frames, inscriptions, titles;
  • the possibility of conducting film editing in timeline mode;
  • implementing of preview mode.

This product is also distinguished by a rich database of perfectly refined motion effects, a simple and user-friendly interface.

Disadvantages of Slideshow Creator:

  • there is no possibility to include a video clip into a movie;
  • slide editing mode is not implemented;
  • the maximum number of transitions is limited to 40;
  • the mode of a finished slideshow recording to a disk is not implemented;
  • the mode of several slideshows combining is not implemented.

Online slideshow maker

To create striking slideshows online, without installing special software, many people use one perfect resource by the link All you need is to select photos and have a good Internet connection.

The online slideshow maker helps to create a bright video from photos quickly and easily. To make it, you will need to:

  • choose the design you like;
  • upload selected photos in digital format;
  • save the finished video.

All designs are divided into categories that will enable without additional time to choose the most suitable concept for a particular occasion.

Indisputable advantages of Slideshow-online are the following;

  • good quality graphics;
  • ease of a slideshow formation;
  • high speed of a movie creation;
  • it is possible to supplement your photo slideshow by a third-party video;
  • the possibility to change the musical accompaniment and use a text in slides is implemented.

There are minor deficiencies of Slideshow-online;

  • you must wait long enough for free processing, however, for a repost, the waiting time is reduced, because the order is executed in priority;
  • to download your slideshow in good quality without logos of the service, you must pay by entering money for a subscription.

Slideshow maker with music

Now let us examine a slideshow maker with music. Photodex ProShow is demanded in the world of professionals program to create slideshows, which helps make videos from:

  • photos;
  • video files;
  • audio files.

This product is also available online, but the toolkit of the online version is much narrower.

Advantages of Photodex ProShow:

  • ease of operation;
  • a diverse set of templates for creating slideshows and presentations;
  • more than 2,5 hundred special transition effects;
  • more than 100 animated effects;
  • the ability to use your own music and titles is implemented;
  • the feature of self-clocking of music with slides is implemented;
  • the ability to create 3D compositions;
  • the ability to record video on discs in the most popular formats MP4, AVI, MKV, DivX, etc.


The huge downside of this software is the cost of a licensed copy.


Each of the above programs has its own arsenal of advantages and disadvantages. Every user decide, what to choose, since the comfort of using plays an important role in establishing priorities.

We recommend you take advantage of all the benefits of the online service. Even a child can create a slideshow in this resource. Moreover, if your slideshow has a clear social trend, it will be free. There are well-crafted designs. The music collection delights with a variety of concepts. Graphics of the service remains out of competition. Developers explicitly keep track of current trends in this sphere, which is only to the benefit of the service as a whole. Thousands of people already use this product to create beautiful videos from photos.

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