How to make a music video

A gift for any celebration (birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, and other special occasion) can become virtual. It is nice to get a video as a gift to any person, as a music video or a slideshow of photographs beautifully processed with a pleasant melody delights the eye. Photos and videos of a birthday person look great. The use of effects and interesting transitions decorates video. In addition, video effects with music is a perfect combination. Let`s find out, how to make music video due to our modern capabilities.

How to make a music video

Music video is one of the most popular and unusual ways to set photos and videos stored on your computer. However, before you get to create your unusual slideshow, you must work out one difficult but important issue: which program to use?

The principle of how to make a music video of virtually all programs to create slideshows is the same. To create a slideshow, you should first choose a sufficient number of photos corresponding to the entire plot. Next, select a song or several tunes to liven up images. Finally, get the resulted music video.

How to make a video with music

Today there are a huge number of various programs, video editors, Web sites to create a slideshow. There are programs that require installation on your PC. They can be both paid and free. However, such a soft, even free, may be difficult to work with, because it is designed for professionals. If you are not the one, especially, if you don`t know how to make a video with music, then it is better to opt for an online service.

Online program has many opportunities to create videos with music. In particular, it simplifies making of film score. Now you don’t even think about issues of complexity, because the whole process of cutting a music file requires only a few minutes, meaning it fits in just a few clicks of your mouse.

Programs typically contain a collection of songs on various subjects and for different designs.

Built-in online utility to cut music files can work with different formats (mp3, wav, wma, flac, ogg, aac, ac3, ra, gsm, al, ul, voc, vox). Modern programs give the possibility to reduce the speed of playback, so you can easily extract the desired moments and put marks.

The presence of options for strengthening and weakening of the sound in the beginning and at the end of a track is necessary for this kind of utilities. You should not scare spectators with a sudden onset and abrupt end of a melody. Transitions should be smooth.

How to make a video with music and pictures

While choosing a program to create a video with music and pictures it is important to provide a number of useful features of a used program, namely:

  • a diverse set of templates for creating slideshows and presentations;
  • the possibility of imposing your own musical accompaniment and titles;
  • auto-synchronization feature of music and shots;
  • engagement of a professional designer in the processing of photo and video materials;
  • video recording on disks in most popular formats: MP4, AVI, MKV, DivX, etc.

Note that if you choose an online service, it is enough to simply examine feedback, which you can find on pages of the online resource to understand its possibilities in how to make slideshow and pictures.

How to make a video slideshow with music

Now you have an idea on how to make a slideshow video with music. It is very exciting, especially with modern features. You can convert mp3 to wav  or to other formats you prefer.

While choosing a program to create a video with music, of course, you should be guided by your own needs, financial capacities, the presence or absence of time, your desire or unwillingness to delve into the intricacies of varying utility interface. So, of course, online service will definitely suit everybody, even a child can cope with it. On the other hand, a complicated professional software may require special knowledge and skills, even a special education. Thus, measure your capacities adequately, making such a choice. Good luck!

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